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Welcome to Hugo & Celine’s new concept Meet & WOOF. Every week during this fall we will interview different dog personalities. Get ready to hear about the best tips, where to take the best walk, favorite snack and a lot more!
This week we are welcomming Furry Frank!

Meet Furry Frank

What type of breed you are Furry Frank

Hi, I’m a four years old chowchow boy. Chowchow is a very old Chinese breed. Our speciality is the dark purple tongue and of course the stunning lionlike appearance. We act very differently than most dogs: some say our character is more catlike. I disagree, I think cats are super annoying…

How did you Frank meet your ”parents”?

My human dad had dreamed of a fluffy family member for a long time. Mom was hesitating about the idea in the beginning; she had always thought that she is not a dog person. But then she spotted a picture of a chowchow in Instagram and fell for my breed.

When we, me and my three siblings were six weeks old they came to see us. Mom says we were the cutest thing she had ever seen and the rest is history. Two weeks later just before christmas 2016 I moved to my forever home with them.

What do you Frank do during your days?

Well, let’s start with the fact: I’m not an early bird. If I could choose, I would not get up before noon. My morning walk with daddy is basically just a round around the block. After that I take a well earned nap. Because of the pandemia, mom has worked home last six months. She usually wakes me up again by the lunch time and then we take a bit longer walk and I check the daily (pe)emails. After lunch if the weather is nice, I like to pawpatrol in my backyard. There lives a lot of fluffy friends in my neighbourhood and many of them like to pass by my backyard to say hi. We also have a massive population of squirrels and bunnies here and they keep me very busy everyday. Don´t like them messing around in MY backyard.

In the afternoon or evening we, me, mom and dad take a nice long walk in the park or in the lovely little forest nearby. I love nature and quality time with my parents.

What is your favorite food?

I love dad’s barbeque! He is the master chef in our family. Everytime he grills hamburgers, I get my own steak. After I have munched it, I beg if I could get a piece his…and my poor puppy face works everytime! (I know, I’m such a spoiled little brat 😊)

Favorite snack?

I’m very picky about my snacks and treats, I found new flavours suspicious. My favourite snacks are the soft meat sticks from the local grocery store and of course Hugo&Celine Ice cream for dogs! If I could decide, everyday would be an ice cream day!

What do you do when you are happy?

I basically go nuts. Usually it happens when mom comes back home. It doesn’t matter if she has been gone 10 minutes or 10 hours, it’s the best moment of the day! I dance around, make pirouettes in the air, wag my tail…

Usually we chows are very calm and less active compared to most breeds, but when I’m on the mood, I love to play football. Balls, any kind of balls have always been my favourite toys. They say ”nomen est omen”, it might be true; I was named after the legendary football player Frank Lampard.

My ball games are wild and I have my own rules of course! Instead the normal fecth game, I’m the one throwing the ball and mom picks it up… 😉

What makes you sad?

The moment I realize that my pawrents are leaving somewhere without me and I’m gonna be left alone home all by myself. I take my poor puppy face and try make them feel quilty.

When did you first hear about Hugo & Celine?

I think it was two years ago, when we had the insanely hot summer. Dad spotted an add about the doggie ice cream and thought it would help me deal with the heat. And oh boy he was right! It was pure love from the first lick.

My favourite flavor is the ”licking liver”, but I have also tested the moose and salmon. Everytime we visit the local petstore ”Musti ja Mirri”, we buy att least one jar. (If I could decide, I’d buy the whole freezer!) Since I’m kinda the local celebrity the staff in the petstore know me and when I enter the store they ask if I’m gonna buy some ice cream. 😊

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Furry Frank’s favorite from Hugo & Celine

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